Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feral Awakening Postponed till Fall

Hello all.

Regretfully, the Feral Awakening gathering is not going to be happening during the time periods put out already nor in the Central Idaho area.

It just doesn't seem realistic to organize it for that area with the amount of people that have stepped up to help out. We are feeling good about organizing this in Southern Oregon instead for this Fall around late September or early October where more folks have stepped up to offer help in the organizing of this gathering. We still desire to see another specifically green anarchist gathering come forth this year, especially after experiencing other gatherings that ended up being more attractive to leftists that have no interest in understanding the implications of civilizations existence.

So this is to say that the gathering isn't off, just being postponed and moved. Our apologies for those who were counting on going during that time in that area. We are however, looking for help in organizing it still in whatever way people are willing to step up to help out.

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