Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feral Awakening Gathering

Announcing the first Feral Awakening rewilding green anarchist gathering in Idaho
 from July 24th to 31st to be focused on rewilding, anti-civilization critiques (with
of course in depth forums on green anarchy, anarcho-primitivism),and a place for
 folks to gather together in the wild who desire to see the destruction of civilization and
wildness flourish in its place. We're hoping to provide a space for people to make
connections with each other and the earth, for those of us who realize that
 civilization is a destructive force upon all life and the planet itself and are
looking to do what we can to see a world without it.

We'd like to invite groups and individuals engaged in struggles against the
destruction of the Earth (and indeed all interconnected forms of oppression) to join
 us and share your stories, lessons, skills, and whatever else you may have to offer.

We're hoping to have skillshares with earth skills such as cordage making,
basketry making, flintknapping, plant walks, shelter making, primitive trapping and
whatever else comes up. Also hoping for workshops on primal parenting,
basic anti-civilization theory, anarcho-primitivism, beyond agriculture,
moralism, ethics and nihilism, science, technology, spirituality amongst other things.

This will be a loosely organized gathering, without having a very specific schedule
 The site is yet to be established but will be somewhere in the parts of Northern
or Central Idaho.

We are seeking out help from others in organizing this, and encourage folks to get
 in contact soon if they'd like to help out. Scouting for locations will begin
somewhere in mid to late May depending upon weather conditions.

This is just an initial call out and we will be posting more as the date gets

For more of a basic intro to green anarchy/anarcho-primitivism we encourage folks to check out the following sites which are PDFs of the Green Anarchy magazines Back to the Basics pamphlet:

Please contact primalrage@riseup .net for questions or to get in touch to help out.


  1. What happened with this? Is it on?

  2. Yeah, it's on, just shitty at updating the blog and putting out new stuff. Still waiting on the snow to melt more in the higher elevations where we're looking at having it for scouting but within the next couple of weeks, should be good.